Our structuring practice ...

… seeks to craft the best possible solutions to legal challenges with economic importance. We model optimal legal forms, while economic issues are still malleable, and command a versed know-how in civil law contracts and tax optimization arrangements. We bring this to bear in providing our clients complete civil and corporate law advisory. We clarify goals, uncover pathways and explain the concrete steps to implement your business vision. This includes of course preparing the necessary contracts ready for closing and notarial execution.

In addition, our structural advisory includes the preparation of tax and accounting opinions, incl. co-counsel second opinions – and preventative measures to properly sidestep unwarranted criminal tax law liability, which at times includes preparing voluntary disclosures and tax clearance adjustments in phased run-ups to tax audits or otherwise.

Our defense and litigation advisory services ...

… are based on strategic, comprehensive and holistic legal representation giving particular emphasis on problematic cases. We conduct thorough research and aim to craft convincing arguments for agencies and tribunals. Our analysis and advisory goes beyond the mere issues voiced by financial authorities, as we explore new legal and factual points of view. We produce expert opinions to persuade officials to render positive findings which themselves become the basis of procedural disputes, if such arise. On request, we also advise your business internally by providing consultants as specialists to elucidate and clarify problematic practices and draft pleadings without disturbing your external operations.

This can give rise to new structuring possibilities to prevent future litigation and tax pitfalls. Our legal support in critical situations is always geared to providing long-term optimal solutions for our clients.