• Born 1969
  • Training as a qual. banker at the Deutsche Bank, Wuppertal
  • Legal studies at the  Universities of Bonn and Lausanne (Switz.), legal clerkship i.a., in Sydney, Australia
  • Admitted to practice 1999, Admitted Bar Certified Tax Attorney since 2003
  • Joined  Carlé  Korn ·Stahl· Strahl October 15, 1999
  • Author and lecturer in tax  law and  criminal tax law
  • Regular contributor to the tax law journal kösdi Cologne Tax Dialogues (Kölner Steuerdialog) since 2000,
  • Co-author of the Commentary to the Income Tax Act (ed.  Carlé Korn Stahl ·Strahl, publ. Stollfuss, Bonn)
  • Representative in tax appellate and legal proceedings
  • Internal tax audits and tax liability
  • Tax fraud investigations and voluntary disclosures
  • Defence in criminal tax proceedings
  • Advisory in event of imminent insolvency
  • Voraussetzungen und Grenzen der Schätzungsbefugnis im Besteuerungs- und Steuerstrafverfahren, kösdi 2020, 21743.
  • Strafrechtliche Auswirkungen steuerlicher Erklärungspflichten, kösdi 2019, 21201.
  • Brennpunkte: Kassenführung, Kassenprüfung, Kassennachschau, kösdi 2018, 22703.
  • Strafrechtliche Aspekte in der Betriebsprüfung, PStR 2016, 165.

[1]not as meant by the PartGG

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