Dr. Claas Fuhrmann LL.M.

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  • Born 1966
  • Legal studies and political sciences studies in Marburg
  • Master’s degree (LL.M.) International Commercial and Business Law, International Taxation, Norwich/United Kingdom
  • Dissertation under Prof. Dr. Volker Beuthien on spin-off & divestment of business operations from non-profit organisations
  • Frequent author and lecturer in tax and corporate law, i.a., co-author of the leading commentary on the Corp. Conversion Act (Widmann/Mayer – Umwandlungsrecht), the Commentary to the Income Tax Act(Korn, Komentar zum Einkommensteuergesetz), sregular contributor to the tax law journal kösdi Cologne Tax Dialogues (Kölner Steuerdialog), co-author of The Inheritance Tax Advisor (Erbschaftsteuer-Berater), co-editor of the Online Commentary to the Income Tax Act (Fuhrmann/Kraeusel/Schiffers – Einkommensteuergesetz),
  • Guest lecturer at the Federal Academy of Finance
  • Admitted to practice 1996, Bar Certified Tax Attorney since 2000
  • From 1996, Attorney in tax and legal department of an international tax and auditing firm
  • Admitted to practice as a Tax Advisor 2001
  • Joined   Carlé  Korn ·Stahl· Strahl in 2001
  • Member of the German Tax Law Association since 2004
  • Examiner in tax advisor bar examinations since 2007
  • Member of the executive board of the Association of Auditors and Bar Certified Accountants
  • Representative of the Association of Tax Consultants, Auditors and Certified Accountants at the Institute of Tax Advisors (Fachinstitut der Steuerberater e. V) since 2009
  • 2009 appointment to the tax law committee of the Chamber of Tax Advisors Cologne
  • Honorary judge at the High Regional Court Dusseldorf for matters of professional conduct since 2011
  • Representative of the Federal Association of Tax Advisors before the Confédération Fiscale Européenne
  • Representation in tax proceedings / audits –a leading names in tax dispute proceedings for many years according to JUVE-Manual
  • Inheritance and inheritance tax law
  • Corporate law and corporate structuring
  • International tax law and exit/relocation taxation
  • Kommentierung des § 24 UmwStG bei „Widmann/Mayer – Umwandlungsrecht“ (Stand Januar/Februar 2017)
  • Kommentierung § 9 EStG bei „Korn“ Einkommensteuergesetz (Stand März 2020)
  • Ausfall von Finanzierungshilfen im Privatvermögen im Fokus des Gesetzgebers – Gesetzliche Neuregelungen in § 17 Abs. 2a EStG und § 20 Abs. 6 EStG, NWB 2020, 150
  • Neues zu Gesellschafterforderungen und Verlusten aus Kapitalvermögen, kösdi 2019, 21434.
  • Neue Erkenntnisse zum Poolvertrag im Sinne von § 13b I Nr. 3 S. 2 ErbStG, NZG 2019, 1016
  • Mitherausgeber des eKommentars zum EStG „Fuhrmann/Kraeusel/Schiffers“, Stollfuß-Verlag, Bonn
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