Dr. Elmar Urbach

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  • Born 1975
  • Training for upper level civil service, Tax Administration of North Rhine Westphalia, degree tax administration (1998, Diplom-Finanzwirt)
  • Legal studies University of Cologne
  • Admitted to practice 2009
  • Bar Certified Tax Attorney since 2013
  • Joined  Carlé Korn·Stahl·Strahl  January 1, 2009
  • Dissertation at University of Cologne under Prof. Dr. Johanna Hey, 2012
  • Admitted to practice as a Tax Advisor, March 2016
  • Frequent contributor to the German Tax Gazette (DStZ) under Current Tax Matters
  • Co-author of the tax law journal kösdi Cologne Tax Dialogues (Kölner Steuerdialog)
  • Revenue and profit taxation
  • Transfer taxes
  • Procedural law and tax disputes
  • Fortentwicklung der Rechtsprechung zu Forderungsausfällen ungesicherter Darlehen, BeSt II/2020

  • Rückwirkung von Rechnungsberichtigungen auch zu Lasten des Steuerpflichtigen, BeSt III/2020

[1] not as meant by the PartGG

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