Dr. Guido Bodden

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  • Born 1969
  • Training for upper level civil service of the tax administration of North Rhine Westphalia (1992 tax administration degree, Diplom-Finanzwirt)
  • Legal studies at the University of Cologne
  • Disseration under Prof. Dr. Joachim Lang (classification of income of co-entrepreneurs)
  • Admitted as Attorney since 2001
  • Activity  in the fiscal department of a multidisciplinary consulting firm (audit/tax/legal)
  • Admitted to practice as a Tax Advisor 2005
  • Member of the Cologne Assoc. of Tax Researchers (Kölner Verein der Steuerrechtswissenschaften)
  • Regular author in tax law, i.a., co-author of the Commentary to the Income Tax Act (ed.  Carlé Korn Stahl·Strahl, publ. Stollfuss)
  • Corporate taxation law
  • Restructuring
  • Non-profit taxation law
  • Tax procedural law / tax litigation
  • Security in Planning with respect to tax law – current topic: Binding information as meant by § 89 Abs. 2 AO, kösdi 2016, 19652
  • The tax dispute of income tax law, FR 2014, 1053
  • §50i EStG – An inventory, DStR 2015, 150

[1] not as meant by the PartGG

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